hair salon


“Everyone has the potential to be beautiful with the right cut and color.  It is a matter

of selecting a stylist who is intuitive and has been trained to craft a hairstyle that

expresses your personal style along with complimenting your lifestyle.”

Saed Esfandiari has infused Alpharetta with beauty innovation since 1990 when he

opened his first hair salon in Alpharetta, GA .  Saed has an impeccable reputation for

modern cuts that incorporate a precise balance of technical skill and style.  The salon

reflects Saed’s attention to detail combined with a warm atmosphere. The salon

provides styling that expresses a lifestyle of sophistication and glamour.  In addition

  Saed is renowned for being one of the best bridal hair stylist in Georgia.

as a Hair wedding consultant who will  make your day memorable.  All these elements

have garnered the honor of being named one of the best salons in Apharetta.